KDC-B  R407c
KDC-C  R134a
KDC- R410a



The KDC air cooled condensing unit series is available in cooling only versions able to cover a wide capacity range with models from 18.5 up to 567 kW.

The Klimallco KDC series covers all the technological and high aisthetic demands of the market. The units are ready to be installed with the corresponding indoor unit.





  • Operating up to 52oC ambient temperature (R134a).

  • Assembly: Fully bolted/welding free

  • Compressor: Scroll, Tandem Scroll and Screw

  • Safety and functional devices:

- high/low pressure manometers or pressure transmitters

- service valves - pressure switches

- phase sequence - phase failure - reverse phase and voltage - monitoring device

- contactors, relays, fuses for fans and compressors

- digital controller.