MKAC - Compressor

All units use low-noise, maintenance free, Hermetic Scroll compressor with low vibration levels, specially optimized for use with R410a refrigerant, selected from world class suppliers. They are equipped with a crankcase electrical heater for the oil, and are internally protected against potential overloading or electrical spikes. The compressors are mounted on special antivibration rubber mounts to eliminate vibration from the unit’s.

MKAC - Hydraulic kit

This versionis equipped with hydraulic kit. It includes : one or two pumps (one as stand-by), expansion vessel, gauses, flow switch, safety valve, air purger, shut off valve and hydraulic circuit insulated. In case of stand-by pump non-return valves are mounted. Relevant electrical circuit. As option, pumps with higher ESP are available.

MKAC - Axial Condenser Fans

All unit fans are of the axial type made of Al/Mg, directly coupled to a three phase electric motor with external rotor, 6 poles, internally protected against potential overheating, silent and suitable for outdoor installation. Due to the sophisticated aerodynamic design of the blades and inlet cones, as well as the perfect static and dynamic balancing, their operation is completely vibration-tree.The fan-motor assembly has a protective grid against accidental contact with moving parts, which is designed according to lS0 regulations. Fan motors are of the external rotor type, aerodynamically shaped so as not to interfere with the airflow.