Klimallco high volume/high static duct type Fan Coils are the ideal solution for cooling/heating applications. They are available in 2 versions (single fan/double fan) and a total of 11 models with nominal capacities ranging from 7.1 kW to 91.3 kw in cooling and 16.7kw - 182.5kw in heating depending on the external static pressure and air volumes from 1.440m3/h to 11.600m3/h.

This series is ideal in combination with Klimallco air cooled water chillers or heat pumps for air conditioning ofiices, shops or any other commercial application, where floor and wall space is needed for fittings and furniture, allowing various air flow pattern flexibility through ducts according to the room shape and layout.

FeaturesKDA eng

  • Easy access to all the components for maintenance.
  • High external static pressure availability (100up to 350Pa).
  • RAL9002 powder polyesteric salt spray tested coating for external surfaces available upon request.
  • The panels are of double skin type using hot dip galvanized steel with in between thermal and sound insulation of factory injected.
  • Fiberglass 20mm thick.
  • Centrifugal type fans with double width double inlet and forward curved blades.
  • Direct driven motors.
  • Standard G2-G3 air filter.
  • Low height (380-600mm).
  • Insulated drain pan.
  • Low operating noise levels.
  • 3-speed fan motor.
  • A wide selection of optional accessories like additional.
  • water heating coil, aluminum filter, 3way valves etc.

These units are large ducted fan coil units, that can be freely configured (according to wished combination) selecting between:

  • 2 different motorizations (6-Poli, 4-Poli)
  • double skin casing
  • 3 water coil types ( 3R; 6R; 3+2R;)
  • large range of models
  • Huge flexibility

KDA Main Casing

Bearing structure (= Main casing) made of extremely thick steel-sheet resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, solvents, aliphatics and alcohols. Self-supporting and removable panels ; assembled with screws for fast and easy checking/maintenance. Available a very large range of versions


KDA Section with Water Coil

Water coil installed inside a Box made according with the specifications (self-supporting panels with SST technology).
Highly efficient coil (Turbolenced Fins with a high number of Reynolds) made of copper pipes and aluminium fins fixed by mechanical expansion. Coil without air vent valves. Coils tested at 30 Bar pressure, suitable to work with water at max 15 Bar pressure.


KDA Fan Section

Centrifugal fan installed inside a Box made according with the specifications (self-supporting panels with SST technology).
Fan section including 1 or 2 centrifugal fans with double air inlet aluminium blades (forward curved fins) directly coupled to the 1 or 2 electric motor.


KDA - Drain Pan

The sections with cooling coil are equipped with single inclination drain pan for optimised condensate drainage, provided with  30mm drainpipe (standard on the same side of coil connections). Standard drain pan made of galvanized steel + external heat insulation (class M1). On request drain pan made of stainless steel AISI304.