Centrifugal fan installed inside a Box made according with the specifications (self-supporting panels with SST technology).

Fan section including 1 or 2 centrifugal fans with double air inlet aluminium blades (forward curved fins) directly coupled to the 1 or 2 electric motor. Mounted on elastic and anti-vibration supports. Fans statically and dynamically balanced. Extensive diameter fans (= high air flow and high static pressure) with low revolutions (= low noise level).

Electric motor has 2 speeds, provided with heat protection (Klixon), running capacitor permanently switched on, IP 42, Class B, electric cables protected by double insulation.
Manufactured according with the international standards, 230Vac–1Ph–50Hz.
Available 3 different motor type:

  • 6 poles (max 900 RPM): lower static pressure, but extremely silent.
  • 4 poles (max 1400 RPM): higher static pressure, but more noisy.

Air Filter

Standard unit supplied with air filter (class G3/EU3), it can be supplied without air filters upon request.


All standard versions are supplied open (air intake and air supply), without any grill/protection.
WARNING: it is prohibited to make the unit operate if both the outlets of the unit are not ducted or protected by grills or safety net (available as accessories on request: grills, panels, plenum, etc.).


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