Water coil installed inside a Box made according with the specifications (self-supporting panels with SST technology).
Highly efficient coil (Turbolenced Fins with a high number of Reynolds) made of copper pipes and aluminium fins fixed by mechanical expansion. Coil without air vent valves. Coils tested at 30 Bar pressure, suitable to work with water at max 15 Bar pressure.
Standard connections on the right side; on request (no additional charge) connections on the left side, anyway can be easily reversed even on working site.
Coils are suitable to work with hot water (boiler), low temperature water (condensing boilers, solar panels, heat pumps, etc…), overheat water (industrial processes and/or overheat water thermal groups) chilled water (chillers and/or industrial processes), glycol added water. 2pipe (3R, 6R) 4pipe (3R+2R)
Are standard available:
- coils are suitable for 2-pipe systems (3R, 6R) and 4-pipe systems (3R+2R) 3 rows for cooling, 2 rows for heating
- 3 rows, usually used for cooling, with all recirculation air
- 6 rows coils usually used for cooling, with total external (or even partial) renewal air, in case it is required high dehumidification, also suitable for district cooling applications, with high water ΔT.
- (3R+2R), 3 rows for cooling and 2 rows for heating.

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