Fan section including 1, 2 or 3 centrifugal fans with double air inlet
Last Generation Plastic Blades (forward curved fins) directly coupled to the electric motor. Mounted on elastic and anti-vibration supports. Fan section statically and dynamically balanced.
Extensive diameter fans (= high air flow and high static pressure) with low revolutions (= low noise level).
Asynchronous electric motor provided with heat protection (Klixon), running capacitor permanently switched on, IP 42, Class B, electric cables protected by double insulation.
Manufactured according with international standards, 230Vac–1Ph–50Hz.
Fan section easy to remove (fixed by just 4 screws).
Standard unit (KT10/.../100) provided with single-speed motor + Autotransformer with 6 outputs in order to have 6 equal-distance speed (with performances changing from max=100% up to min = about 50%). Autotransformer is installed externally, on the unit side, to enable easy maintenance operations.
This technology warrantee a big flexibility, with possible connections according with the specific end-user needs, higher or lower speeds choices between the 6 available.
Factory standard pre-connected speed are no. 2-3-5 (with 1=max and 6=min). On request (no additional charge), any speed can be required.
Potentiate units (KT90P/…/120P) with motor with 5 or 6 speed obtained directly on the motor (compulsory technology to have potentiate motors, suitable for ductable units, with the correct price/performances rating). The speed obtained directly from the motor are closer to each other in comparison to technology with auto-transformer.


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