(Large Range)

Main casing (Bearing structure) made of extremely thick steel-sheet, resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, solvents, aliphatics and alcohols.

Self-supporting and removable panels provided with holes (buttonholes) for ceiling/wall mounting directly through the main casing.

Pre-cuts slots and prearranged holes to configure the unit on request, to install the accessories, to output for the water connections on the left or right, to reverse the unit even on-site.

Assembled with self-threading screws for fast, total and easy check/maintenance. Reduced sizes, optimised volumes.

Available in a very large range of horizontal and vertical versions.


Available main casings:

Z : Single skin panel made of galvanized steel + internal thermal-acoustic insulation (class M1) of all parts in contact with the coil for all TK -CS/CA models.

P : Single skin panel made of pre-painted steel white RAL9002 colour + internal thermo-acoustic insulation (class M1) of the parts in contact with the coil for TK - VA/HA models.


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