(Only for versions VA – HA)

Beautiful, modern styled cabinet well proportioned smoothed outline to perfectly match with any interior. Standard white colour (similar to RAL 9010), or any other RAL colour on request (additional charge). Made of thick steel-sheet, galvanized and finished by a polyvinyl chloride film, to make it resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, solvents, aliphatic and alcohols. Top film about 10 times thicker than standard one treated by epoxy powder (for extra resistance to scratch). Thermo acoustic internal insulation (class M1). Well-balanced proportions, just 220 mm thick.

Air delivery grill is in white ABS (similar to RAL 9002, slightly in contrast with the cabinet white colour) with sliding side doors to easily access to the internal control panel (option).
The double bank grill’s louvers can be easily singularly manually adjusted, allowing to have air-flow in Any Wished Direction (front, back, right, left, uni-directional, bi-directional, opposite-position, etc…):

  • Louvers adjusted in opposite position will increase the Induction Effect
  • Some Louvers closed will increase the air-flow speed increasing the Air Throw
  • Adjusting the air-flow tangentially to the ceiling/wall will increase the Coanda Effect
  • All Louvers closed when the unit is not in use, will Avoid the Dust and Dirtiness to get in.

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