Indoor Installation

Cooling/Heating Terminal Unit


Klimallco Fan coil Units are the solution for cooling/heating applications. They are available in a wide range of models and sizes with nominal capacities ranging from 1.5 kW to 10.7 kW in cooling and 3.7 kW up to 23.2 kW in heating.

This extensive Fan Coil series is ideal in combination with Klimallco water chillers or heat pumps for airconditioning residences, offices, shops or any other com


mercial application were comfort conditions are required, blending in perfectly with the aisthetics of any space.



    • Asynchronous motors + 6-speed Autotransformer (3-speed connected in the factory)

    • Last generation fan made of plastic with low revolutions number, statically and dynamically balanced, superlative silent

    • Air supply grills with double bank adjustable louvers to send the air-flow in any direction

    • Highly efficient coil

    • Left or Right hydraulic connections + on site reversibility

    • High efficiency air filter, cleanable, on turning slides for an easy extraction and maintenance

    • Wide variety of models, versions, accessories, variants, solutions


All versions without cabinet, are standard supplied open (air intake and air supply), without any grill/protection.




KT Cabinet

Beautiful, modern styled cabinet well proportioned smoothed outline to perfectly match with any interior. Standard white colour (similar to RAL 9010), or any other RAL colour on request (additional charge).


Drain Pan - Bearing Structure

Drain pan provided with condensation drain and thermal insulation (class M1).
Only for vertical versions: Condensation Drain Funnel with  20 mm pipe, realised in plastic material (standard supplied in the same side of the water connections) terminating externally to the unit side, for an easy and fast connection to the condensation drain pipe.


KT Heat Exchanger

Highly efficient coil (Turbolenced Fins with a high number of Reynolds) made of copper pipes and aluminium fins fixed by mechanical expansion. Coil connections provided with anti-torsion system, manual air vent valves, manual water drain valves. Standard connections on the left side; on request (no additional charge) connections on the right side, anyway can be easily reversed even on working site.


Fan Section - Air Filters

Fan section including 1, 2 or 3 centrifugal fans with double air inlet

Last Generation Plastic Blades (forward curved fins) directly coupled to the electric motor. Mounted on elastic and anti-vibration supports. Fan section statically and dynamically balanced.


Main Casing

Main casing ( Bearing structure) made of extremely thick steel-sheet, resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, solvents, aliphatics and alcohols.

Self-supporting and removable panels provided with holes (buttonholes) for ceiling/wall


Electrical Equipment

The standard unit is supplied equipped only with the motor cable (without control panel) terminal.

In this way, the client can choose among a large range of control panels “CB”-“CBE” and terminal boards “MRS”